Endorsed by Delegate Matt Morgan

Many people have asked me for my thoughts on the local circuit court judge race.

Campaigning is hard, and I tip my hat to both candidates for their tireless efforts! Both are exceptionally qualified lawyers, yet I believe Judge Amy Lorenzini stands out with unmatched experience that is vital for her continued role as Circuit Court Judge for St. Mary’s County. Her unique blend of knowledge, dedication, and integrity sets her apart.

In the sphere of law and justice, which holds significant consequences with each decision, Judge Amy Lorenzini has distinguished herself as an exemplary figure in judicial performance. With her background as a Circuit Court Judge for the last two years, she carries the significant expertise gained during her tenure as a local prosecutor. In times when crime rates are escalating, her experience becomes an invaluable asset. She demonstrates a deep dedication to fairness, ethics, and the foundational principles of our legal framework.

My relationship with Amy spans over three decades, from our high school days. Over the years, she has consistently embodied the qualities, principles, and American values that our community holds dear. Her exemplary legal background and unwavering integrity make her an invaluable asset to St. Mary’s legal community.

I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Amy Lorenzini for the position of Circuit Court Judge in St. Mary’s County, doing so with immense confidence, respect, and trust.

– Matt Morgan,
District 29A St. Mary’s County,
Maryland House of Delegates

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