Judge Lorenzini not only made an impact on my Girl Scouts but the leaders as well.

“Everyone, including you, SHOULD KNOW about those who are running for appointment in your community. Not every good deed is in the spotlight or stamped with a popular name of approval! Judge Lorenzini not only made an impact on my Girl Scouts but the leaders as well.

Judge Lorenzini gave them knowledge of county and state laws and public policy; and empowered them on how to make a significant impact within their community through making their voices heard, and the difference women can make in the judicial system. She answered the hard questions with ease and made them feel comfortable to ask and learn. She showed the girls what teamwork looks like on a higher level; and how every bit of her staff is integral in making the courtroom flow. She gave them a glimpse of how she handles the community with human courtesy and made government and democracy interesting, and dare I say, enlightening for them!

Why does all of this matter? Why does making an impact on the youth of our ‘community’ really matter? Simple. They are the next generation who will be taking over the community of St Mary’s County. They will be the ones to vote those next leaders into or out of office and make a better tomorrow for the next generation. They will also be the next to run for office. If they were to follow in her footsteps, we would be so lucky to have them take that place. She gave them COMMUNITY! The girl scout motto is, “to leave a place better than you found it” so… until they come to rule the world…for NOW, Judge Lorenzini has our vote!”

Summer Webb, Great Mills, MD, Moved to St Mary’s 29 years ago by military, Girl Scouts Troop 10024 graduating in 2024

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